Meet the Press

Law360 writer Jess Davis takes a look at five Texas Supreme Court cases on the court’s argument calendar for this fall, and we were happy to pitch in with some punditry on a couple of them. The TV Azteca case is a really interesting mix of personal jurisdiction, defamation, pop superstardom, and international sex scandal, while BCCA has the potential to reshape the balance between the state legislature and home-rule municipalities. And while we’ll conspicuously refrain from comment on a couple of the other cases, all five are well worth following.

A Bleg for the Blogs

As our colleague 600Camp noted earlier today, the ABA Journal is sponsoring a “Blawg 100″ list recognizing law blogs (Bob Loblaw’s and otherwise). Since campaigning is actively encouraged, we’d really appreciate it if any of our readers would put in a good word for either (or preferably both) of our 600’s. Just click here to fill out the ABA’s short form.

#Law360Chat transcript

In case you missed it, or if you just hate reading Twitter in real time, Law360 has kindly posted a transcript (twitscript?) of Wednesday afternoon’s discussion on the Texas Supreme Court’s recent term. Please don’t expect too much analysis in 140 characters or less, but it’s a nice way to check in on some big developments you might have missed by not obsessively checking the opinions at 9:05 am every Friday. Thanks very much to Law360 for the invitation to participate. Now back to our regularly-scheduled programming.

Law 360 Tweetchat

At noon on Wednesday, @600Commerce will be participating in a #Law360Chat on Twitter with @Law360 and some excellent attorneys to discuss the 2013-14 Supreme Court of Texas term. Regular Twitter followers will get our comments in their feed, of course, but you can follow the whole event via the hashtag above. Drop on by for plenty of very short takes on some of the more important cases of the term.

E-filing Can Be Awesome

Our sister blog, 600 Camp, has posted a PowerPoint presentation by Lyle Cayce, the Clerk of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. For anyone who has slogged through the hyperlinking of legal authorities and record citations in an appellate brief, it’s a glimpse into the future (or as they like to call it in the Fifth Circuit, “the present”) of e-filing. As Mr. Cayce described during last week’s appellate conference in Austin, the Fifth Circuit has commissioned software that automatically converts the parties’ electronically filed briefs into fully hyperlinked e-briefs for the judges, their staffs, and even the parties themselves. As a result, every citation is automatically converted to a hyperlink that can take the reader directly to the cited material, whether it is in the record or on whichever legal research service the user prefers. Kudos to the Fifth Circuit for figuring out how to make e-filing simpler and better for everyone involved, and let’s hope that the Texas courts will be headed that way as well.

Hello, I Must Be Going

As you may have noticed the other day, there’s a new contributor to the blog. Melissa Case, who recently joined our firm, has volunteered to take the place of the departing Nick Chapleau.  Nick has been part of the blog since its inception, but he is headed back home (more or less) to Chicago. Chris Patton and I extend our great thanks to Nick for all his help in getting this enterprise up and running, and we welcome Melissa for her help in taking it forward.

Also: Lunchtime CLE today at the Belo. We hope to see you there.

600 Commerce Goes to 2101 Ross

For those of you in and around Dallas, the blog will be making its in-real-life debut at the Belo Mansion a week from today. We’ll be speaking at the monthly meeting of the Dallas Bar Association’s Appellate Law Section on Thursday, May 16 at noon. One and all are invited to drop by, enjoy some lunch, and hear a little more about some of the recent cases and developments coming out of the Dallas Court of Appeals.

Also coming up next week, our colleague David Coale — proprietor of our sister blog, 600 Camp — will also be at the Belo. David will be speaking to the Business Litigation Section next Tuesday at noon on some of the commercial litigation trends to watch in the federal courts.

That’s two blogs, two lunches, and two hours of CLE credit. We look forward to meeting some more of our readers in person.

We’re Still Here

It has been a slow couple weeks here at 600 Commerce, as the court of appeals has been taking it easy with commercial cases recently.  We’ll be back as soon as the court issues any new ones.  In the meantime, feel free to drop by our sister blog, 600 Camp, to see what kind of “persuasive authority” the Fifth Circuit has been issuing .

140 Characters or Less

As a few people have already discovered, @600Commerce is now on Twitter.  With a little luck, it should be set up to send out an automatic tweet every time a new post goes up here on the blog.  If you would like to follow that feed, you can subscribe through the new link in the right hand column, or just drop on by the Twitter website at the link in this post.