Plenty of Energy, But Not Enough Record Cites

With the market for highly caffeinated sugar water pretty much saturated in the United States, a pair of businessmen formed a partnership known as Best One to market energy drinks in Mexico. They targeted Unique Beverage Co., the maker of Wired Energy Drink, to be the supplier for their Mexican enterprise. But that relationship fell apart after negotiations failed with the Mexican buyer, leading the partners to file suit against Unique and its representatives for breach of contract, tortious interference, and fraud.

The defendants filed a no-evidence motion for summary judgment, challenging every element of Best One’s causes of action. The plaintiffs responded by describing and attaching 90 pages of emails, then stating that they demonstrated “genuine issues as to material facts and the motions for summary judgment should be denied.”┬áThe district granted summary judgment for the defendants, and the court of appeals affirmed. Because Best One’s response failed to address the challenged elements of its claims, and furthermore failed to direct the trial court to “any page number, quote, affidavit or e-mail” within the attached exhibits, the plaintiffs failed to meet their burden of demonstrating that the evidence actually responded to the defendants’ no-evidence motion.

Levine v. Unique Beverage Co., LLC, No. 05-11-01467-CV


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