Waive Goodbye

The court reversed a summary judgment in favor of a guarantor on his Property Code Chapter 51 offset defense against a creditor. Moayedi guaranteed a loan made by I-35 to Villages. I-35 sued Moayedi based upon his guaranty to recover the balance remaining on Villages’s promissory note after a Property Code section 51.003 foreclosure sale. Moayedi contended that he was entitled to offset the deficiency by the difference between the fair market value and the sale price pursuant to section 51.003(c). I-35 replied that Moayedi waived “any defense” in the guaranty, including the right of offset. After considering competing summary judgment motions, the trial court granted Moayedi’s and held that the right of offset pursuant to section 51.003(c) could not be waived by the general terms in the guaranty agreement.

The court of appeals reversed. First, it engaged in a thorough analysis of waiver and section 51.003(c)’s offset provision. It held that a section 51.003(c) offset is indeed a “defense” as the term was used in the guaranty. Next, the court analyzed the contract language and held that “any defense” included the section 51.003(c) offset defense. The court then looked at the guaranty as a whole, finding four other provisions supporting such a broad waiver. Finally, the court rejected the argument that a waiver of section 51.003(c) rights violates public policy, citing Texas’s strong policy in favor of freedom of contract and other courts that have held that Chapter 51 rights of offset may be contractually waived. Thus, the court reversed and rendered judgment in favor of I-35.

Interstate 35/Chisam Road, L.P. and Malachi Development Corporation v. Moayedi, No. 05-11-00209-CV

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