Permission Denied, Part 4

The Court of Appeals has once again ruled that it is without jurisdiction to consider a permissive interlocutory appeal. In this instance, the developers of White Bluff Resort at Lake Whitney are in a dispute with their property owners over the assessment of fees for the property owners’ association. The parties filed cross-motions for partial summary judgment, and the trial court ruled in favor of the property owners. The parties then agreed to an interlocutory appeal of the ruling, which the trial court also authorized. The developers argued that the appeal presented “controlling questions” of law, but the Court of Appeals disagreed because the summary judgment ruling did not specify the basis for the trial court’s decision. Without a substantive ruling from the trial court, the Court of Appeals could not conclude that the appeal presented any controlling questions, and the Court was therefore without jurisdiction to hear the interlocutory appeal.

Double Diamond Delaware, Inc. v. Walkinshaw, No. 05-13-00893-CV

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