Unsettled Setoff

The Court of Appeals has reversed and remanded a summary judgment ruling obtained by Minyard Food Stores. The trial court ruled that Minyard was entitled to a setoff against North Central Distributors’ receivable. The receivable was originally owned by NCD Acquisition, an entity formed by members of the Minyard family to acquire the assets of North Central. After NCD Acquisition defaulted on its note, North Central foreclosed on NCD’s assets, including the Minyard Food Stores receivable. But in the meanwhile, NCD Acquisition also breached a sublease agreement with Minyard. NCD and Minyard settled that dispute with the lessor, but reserved its right of offset against NCD. Minyard contended that it was a buyer in the ordinary course of business for the goods underlying the NCD Acquisition receivable, but the evidence on that point was disputed. There was also conflicting evidence as to the proper date for the offset, as some of the unpaid rent may have accrued after Minyard received notice of North Central’s foreclosure on NCD’s receivable, and much of the claimed offset appeared to be for future rent payments. In light of these disputed fact issues, the Court of Appeals reversed and remanded the case to the trial court.

N. Central Distribs., Inc. v. Minyard Food Stores, Inc., No. 05-12-00418-CV

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