Application of economic loss rule

The economic loss rule, and the related debate about the proper handling of “con-tort” claims, can raise difficult and close questions. Hames v. JP Morgan Chase, however, presents a relatively clean example. Hames alleged mishandling of her bank account, and argued that her negligence claim could proceed independently of her breach-of-contract claim, as the bank’s duties arose from Article 4 of the UCC.The Court disagreed, finding that “[t]he duties that Chase allegedly breached were dependent on its contact with Hames,” and noting authority that “[t]he relationship of a bank to a general depositor is conrractual, that of debtor-creditor arising from the depository contract.”  Additionallly, “the account funds that Hames seeks to recover relate to the subject matter of the contract . . . ” No. 05-16-00472-CV (Jan. 22, 2018) (mem. op.)

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