Too much, too late.

Litigation about this year’s primary election led to a mandamus petition about the ballot in a judicial race, in which the Fifth Court “conditionally granted relator’s petition for writ of mandamus by written opinion and ordered the trial court to vacate the temporary restraining order. We determined that the proceeding in the district court was moot as to the primary election ballot at the time it was heard, and the resulting order was void.” The opposing party then filed a “cross-petition” about the same ballot, as to which the Court similarly held: ” That relief is unavailable because overseas and military ballots have already been printed and mailed for the March primary.” In re Williams, No. 05-18-00068-CV (Jan. 26, 2018) (mem. op.) While turning on an issue unique to election law, the opinion also illustrates how equitable defenses such as laches can affect the resolution of mandamus petitions.

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