Documents v. Witnesses – jury decides.

In a labor dispute: “Williams argues that the record is replete with evidence that contradicts the Flex Entities’ version of the events, including his driver logs that show during the time he was purportedly nonresponsive, he was in a remote area out of range for his cell phone, on break, or asleep in his truck,and he did in fact accept and deliver loads on the days referenced in the emails.”  The argument was unavailing: “The jury, as the fact finder, was in the best position to judge the credibility of the witnesses and the weight to be given their testimony, including the validity of the logs Williams created. In this case, the jury found the testimony of the Flex Entities’ witnesses and the internal emails documenting issues with Williams, which began a full month before Williams complained about his pay, to be more credible than the testimony of Williams and his account of why he did not respond to dispatch.” Williams v. FlexFrac Transport LLC, No. 05-16-01032-CV (Feb. 5, 2018) (mem. op.)

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