Foundation Problems

HCBeck was hired to build a hall for a church. It subcontracted the foundation work to another company, B&R Development. After the building was completed, the hall began to have foundation problems, which cost HCBeck $68,976 to repair. HCBeck sued B&R for negligence and breach of contract, and obtained a no-answer default judgment. The company proved up the amount of its damages with an affidavit and supporting documentation, but the trial court did not hold an evidentiary hearing. On restricted appeal, the court of appeals reversed and remanded, holding that an evidentiary hearing was necessary because the damages sought by HCBeck were unliquidated. HCBeck’s affidavit was also inadequate to prove the claimed damages because the supporting documents totaled approximately $87,000, not the $68,976 that HCBeck sought for the default judgment. However, the court of appeals denied B&R’s request for a new trial on the merits because the company had never filed a motion for new trial in the district court. Accordingly, the remand was limited to the issue of HCBeck’s damages.

B&R Development , Inc. v. HCBeck, Ltd., No. 05-11-01150-CV

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