That’s It?

In a memorandum opinion the court reversed as insufficient a summary judgment award to a neighborhood association against a delinquent property owner. Gashaye’s property is subject to a covenant to pay assessments to Candlewood, which Gashaye failed to do. Candlewood sought foreclosure of the lien securing Gashaye’s obligation and attorney’s fees, presenting evidence proving $1545 in unpaid assessments and late fees and $2500 in attorney’s fees. The trial court awarded Candlewood $50. The court reversed, holding that the award of $50 under these circumstances was so contrary to the overwhelming weight of the evidence that it was clearly wrong and unjust. The court noted that attorney’s fees are recoverable on a breach of a homeowner’s association covenant, but remanded for the determination of a proper damages and attorney’s fees award.

Candlewood Creek Neighborhood Association, Inc.v. Gashaye, No. 05-11-00380-CV

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